Seeking and finding

I am seeking. You might say I am seeking enlightenment in a Buddhist sort of way. But in my dreams I am seeking in a very different way. Last night I was seeking missing shoes amidst a confusion of people and their belongings. The night before I was seeking fluffy pink moths that had escaped from me. Other times I am seeking items to put in my luggage or missing plane tickets or the gate for my flight. I wrote before that I am seeking simplicity, serenity, and space. In my dreams I am dealing with confusion, frustration and uncertainty. In my photos I am looking into the tangled bank of nature and finding sometimes order and pattern, sometimes simplicity, serenity, and space, sometimes beauty. And often the result is unexpected and joyful as hidden wonders are revealed.

Orange Spider

 From 2013, Chicago Botanic Garden, a spider illuminated by light filtered through orange zinnia petals.



From 2013, Chicago Botanic Garden, intimate details in the throat of a flower.



From 2012, California, palm frond.


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