Foggy Day

The morning was foggy and the December landscape was monochrome.  I had a recent realization that the trees I have been photographing are really the dominant presence in the landscape, but we don’t see them as such.  So I thought I would see if I could make some images to show the trees as the main subjects, in their suburban setting.

Many of the trees in my neighborhood are large and old, some older than most of the houses. They were here first.



It is easy to overlook the beauty of a tree if you don’t look up, past the streets and houses.



The streetscape is defined by elms, ashes and oaks that were there from the beginning, not planted by human hand, but also by towering evergreens that were planted a few decades ago as small ornamentals.



This tree dwarfs the small house that was built next to it.



City planners created a tree-lined street with sidewalks and a greenway, but the sidewalks detour around a few trees that were there first.



Look up to appreciate the beauty of a tree.





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